EMA  is not designing and manufacturing pig systems only, but also providing pigging tools as well.

EMA pig signallers are used to provide confirmation of the movement of pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at key points along a pipeline.

Many operators choose the EMA Signaller as its simple design and interchangeability of parts due to the modular configuration, easy installation and operation.


EMA designes and fabricates a variety of pigging tools for your applications. EMA has been operating by well equipped  ownership with experience for over 10 years and has the experience and expertise to provide you the best and most economical  equipments for your operation/project. We are pleased to provide you with the following specifications for Pig Signallers that you can use in your project packages.


EMA Pig Signaller features are listed below;

  • Can be used with Foam, Metal Body, Polyurethane Pigs and Spheres,
  • Bi-directional or Omni-directional,
  • Can be fitted to live pipelines,
  • Provided with mechanical/visual indicator,
  • Electrical indicator or a combination with mechanical is optional,
  • Designed for proper operation
  • Suitable for all types of pig launchers and receivers
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EMA product is mainly being used for below industries.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refinieris
  • Power & Energy
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Process
  • Wine & Distillery
  • Food, Beverage & Flavors
  • Paint & Coating
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

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